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In this section of the website you will find press articles and news stories about Adventures with Horses, alongside pieces written by Sue Blagburn, and a selection of testimonials from people who have attended one of the Workshops or an Adventure Day.

Recent Testimonials...
"Sue and her wonderful horses are just magical. My daughter benefits so much from her sessions with them. Spending time with the horses brings her a sense of calm and peace in a way that nothing else can, and also help her to gain real insight into what is going on for her. Thank you" DF, Exeter

"Well what a fantastic couple of sessions I have had with Sue at Awareness With Horses, working in such a heart opening way with the wonderful equine masters of Arthur, William, Harry, and Honey it has been an absolute joy to discover more about my own freedom, self responsibility and independence though them. I just now have to follow that up." SB Ivybridge

"A huge thanks to Sue and William at adventures with horses. The therapy I received for acute stress was grounding and calming. We have so much to learn from animals and mother nature if we are willing to listen." KN, Buckfastleigh

"Such a wonderful day yesterday, being with the herd of very cool equine dudes! Thank you so much for a unique experience, and for a total break from stress, plus a few insights into how we allow modern life to herd us along when we shouldn't. No doubt I'll be back. Thoroughly recommended." JH, Plymouth

"Falling through the Cracks, Horse Therapy prevented us falling into an Abyss. Our daughter is having a really tough time with severe anxiety following a disastrous transition to secondary school last year and has not attended school since. We found her school and GP were no help at all and we were unable to gain access the Child Adolescent Mental Health Service - school refusal falls between the cracks as I've found out. She spiralled quickly into a really, really dark place. I'd heard good things about horse therapy in the past and that's why we decided to try it. Getting to the first session was a big hurdle ñ now we go every week and Sue individually tailors each session. The connection our daughter made with the horses has been amazing; I've watched her gradually come out of her shell and re-engage with herself and the world. At the end of one session my daughter said 'I love it here Mum, I can just be and forget my worries.' Horse therapy has been a powerful constant through a really difficult and ongoing journey." SD, Teignmouth

"The day working with Sue, William, Arthur and Harry was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. It took me deep into a spacious heart. I loved the body scan and meditation you guided, preparing us to meet with the beautiful energy field of the horses and everything that happened afterwards was a magical journey. I am changed and more connected with myself, others and the earth. I also feel as if a weight - the weight of worry or rushing has cleared from around my heart. THANK YOU ALL." SP, Dartmoor

"Sue facilitated an extraordinary time between myself and her beautiful horse William. Her calm trusting presence helped me to find a way of relating with him that was based on connection, equal power and trust. I experienced a depth of relaxation in myself that was profoundly healing. Sue is a great facilitator and teacher of the infinite potential of the nurturing relationship between us and horses, and the importance of this at this particular time on earth." JS, Bristol

"I thought your workshop was fabulous, a truly wonderful way for people to truly connect with horses, I have always been around horses my whole life yet it was such a lovely experience, refreshing to be around some one like you Sue who truly does understand horses." PM, Derbyshire

"I found the session profoundly moving even with only the first two parts. When I heard we were doing horse phenomenology, I thought we would be simply sitting in a field writing down what we saw. Instead, what you proposed opened a whole new world for me in terms of how we relate to animals, from the day to day, to the awe inspiring examples shown in the videos. I loved it because it de-intellectualised relationships into real experience - if the horse did not trust me, he would not move." KK, London

We are also featured in three books and various press articles.
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From Foals to Facilitators by Sue Blagburn
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For many years I ran my marketing and design business (BWA Marketing Design) from studios I converted from a redundant farm building in rural Dorset. I know what it's like to run a stressful business, grow a business and employing staff; but being surrounded by beautiful fields containing my horses meant even though I worked long hours, my spare time was spent hanging out with my herd. I reared and trained young horses and ponies (Thoroughbreds and New Forest ponies), the close proximity to my work meant I was often still in work mode sometimes feeling stressed and inadequate, at other times creative and in my power when I was engaging with my horses. I slowly realised how they were mirroring my strengths and weaknesses, and giving me honest non-judgemental feed back! It was with this knowledge that I began to realise how being around horses was (and still is) helping support me and learn skills transferable to running a successful business, building relationships, and keeping me grounded, mindful and in my body. But in 2008 when the recession hit I felt it was the right thing to give up my horses, it was only then that I really began to understand the extraordinary effect horses had on my life.

Today I am very lucky to have three members of my original herd Arthur, William and Harry as co-facilitators in Adventures with Horses, Arthur and William were both born in 2004, and Harry in 2005. The pictures here are taken in 2004 and 2005. Since being very young these three highly intelligent horses (along with their relatives and ancestors) have adventured with me through my own business and personal development journey. With the knowledge that horses have the potential to give honest, non-judgemental feed back, since the late 1990s I started paying attention and encouraging my herd to show me more, eventually I discovered I had entered the field of equine guided experiential learning and much more.

With the insight that horses had been a big part of my personal development, coupled with the knowledge that horses were helping a wide range of people from children with autism, soldiers and others with PTSD, young offenders, people with addictions, as well as personal and organisational development, I furthered my journey with what became a clear calling to be of service to helping others through horses. I needed to know more, and started to train in equine facilitated learning and therapy, volunteering at horse assisted education and therapy centres both in the UK and abroad. This entire website is about the outcome, but here is a film of the reunion of my three beautiful co-facilitators Arthur, William and Harry.

There are six different options we can offer you…
One-to-one equine assisted coaching and counselling sessions

One-to-one equine assisted counselling for adults

One-to-one and group sessions for disadvantaged young people and adults

One-to-one equine assisted coaching for adults

One-to-one or group equine assisted learning workshops for adults

One-to-one or group equine assisted experiential learning for adults

Leadership, Team Building and Business Coaching

One-to-one or group Co-creative Leadership for adults

Open Events

One-to-one or group Mindfulness & Presencing with Horses

Art of Horse Whispering

Therapeutic Horsemanship for young people

Please note sadly due to organisational changes and staff shortages we are not able to offer any young people sessions until spring 2024. We are truly very sorry that this has to happen. All our adult sessions will continue and are unaffected.
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