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Get involved and become a volunteer

Please become part of our team and help our organisation to thrive and grow. We welcome volunteer support, and there are various ways to get involved...

Volunteers and work experience
We are always looking for volunteers including those wanting work experience when looking towards training in equine assisted learning and therapy themselves. Must have backgrounds in working with horses and with people around horses. Also volunteers with less experience with horses but with professional experience in health care, mental health, social work and/or education who have expertise in these fields they could bring to our work. Volunteer roles includes helping on our workshops and courses and with the care of our horses and their environment, plus support with creating awareness in what we do, IT/admin, fundraising, networking and developing our programmes and workshops.

Please contact Sue Blagburn with some information about your skills, background and availability if you would like to get involved.

You can also help us by booking a workshop, programme, or one-to-one session...

We are a not-for-profit social enterprise. That means any profits we make from our Leadership, Personal Development, and Art of Horse Whispering workshops, courses and one-to-one sessions go towards our young people with special educational needs programmes.

Please come and experience equine assisted learning, coaching or leadership, by doing so you make an investment in yourself and/or your organisation, and you help finance our young people programmes. Also if you our a business client you could be fulfilling your corporate social responsibility goals. Please get in touch with Sue Blagburn to find out more, or to come on a taster session.

For more information contact Sue Blagburn
Phone: 07831 865259

Volunteer non-executive directors
We are also currently looking for 2 or 3 volunteer non-executive directors to join our team on the Board of Directors, to share in our passion and add to our knowledge as a group of committed individuals. We will need a couple of hours each month as a minimum but there is the opportunity to do much more if you have the time. We are a Social Enterprise which means any profit we may make gets reinvested into the enterprise to enable us to offer affordable, subsidised sessions to those who can't afford to pay what it really costs to deliver.

The founder, Sue Blagburn, is an equine assisted facilitator, coach, and counsellor, who also has a marketing communications and fundraising background. She is therefore able to run the sessions and carry out the day to day work with the help of a very small team, however a bigger team would go along way to helping us offer more sessions faster to the people who really need equine assisted learning and therapy the most.

What is needed to take Adventures with Horses to the next phase is 2 or 3 volunteer non executive directors with a bit of time to spare who can bring more skills either with specialist knowledge and experience in counselling/psychotherapy, education, social work or business support (marketing, fundraising, accountancy, business planning, finance) and people who can support Sue with creating more awareness of our work, networking, fundraising, horse skills and/or admin.

Prior experience of being a director could be helpful but is not necessary. More important is a willing individual with a bit of time to give.

For an informal chat to see if you could be just the person we are looking for please phone Sue on 07831 865259 or drop an email to

We are a not-for-profit social enterprise registered as a Community Interest Company.
Registered Company Number 10573482

There are six different options we can offer you…
One-to-one equine assisted coaching and counselling sessions

One-to-one equine assisted counselling for adults

One-to-one and group sessions for disadvantaged young people and adults

One-to-one equine assisted coaching for adults

One-to-one or group equine assisted learning workshops for adults

One-to-one or group equine assisted experiential learning for adults

Leadership, Team Building and Business Coaching

One-to-one or group Co-creative Leadership for adults

Open Events

One-to-one or group Mindfulness & Presencing with Horses

Art of Horse Whispering

Therapeutic Horsemanship for young people

Please note sadly due to organisational changes and staff shortages we are not able to offer any young people sessions until spring 2024. We are truly very sorry that this has to happen. All our adult sessions will continue and are unaffected.
Awareness with Horses CIC
Registered Office: 2 Beacon Cottages, Buckland in the Moor, Ashburton, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ13 7HL

We are a not-for-profit social enterprise registered as a Community Interest Company.
Registered Company Number 10573482
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