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Awareness with Horses

Welcome to Awareness with Horses

We offer learning and growth through transformative interactions with horses. This includes one-to-one equine assisted coaching or counselling, and experiential learning.

Our mission statement: "Awareness with Horses offers learning and growth through the naturally occurring therapeutic and transformative opportunities horses can provide through equine assisted interventions. Creating self awareness and well-being, and developing potential and skills which transfer forwards into peoples everyday lives.”

Here is a guide to the areas you may wish to work, and the outcomes you would like to achieve, or refer others to do so:
• Practice leadership, communication and presence  
• Develop emotional intelligence  
• Build self confidence and self esteem  
• Reduce anxiety and stress
• Become more present and aware
• Learn to form healthy relationships and attachments  
• Develop trust, empathy and responsibility  
• Explore ways of inspiring and motivating others  
• Become more resilient in times of change.

We offer learning and growth through transformative interactions with horses. This includes one-to-one equine assisted coaching or counselling, and experiential learning.

How we work
We focus on the eco-psychology principles of developing and understanding ways of expanding the connection between humans and other-than-humans and the natural world. Powerful insights, awareness and aha moments often happen when the coming into relationship between human and other than human is reciprocal...

In a session or a workshop you get the chance to work with horses in away that is power with - not power over. The learning and awareness is in the relationship - not about fixing anything. This is also rooted in the humanistic and coaching principles we work with.

There are six different options we can offer you…
One-to-one equine assisted coaching and counselling sessions

One-to-one equine assisted counselling for adults

One-to-one and group sessions for disadvantaged young people and adults

One-to-one equine assisted coaching for adults

One-to-one or group equine assisted learning workshops for adults

One-to-one or group equine assisted experiential learning for adults

Leadership, Team Building and Business Coaching

One-to-one or group Co-creative Leadership for adults

Open Events

One-to-one or group Mindfulness & Presencing with Horses

Art of Horse Whispering

Therapeutic Horsemanship for young people

Please note sadly due to organisational changes and staff shortages we are not able to offer any young people sessions until spring 2024. We are truly very sorry that this has to happen. All our adult sessions will continue and are unaffected.
During all of our one-to-one  or a group sessions you will be guided on how to connect with the horses on the ground in a safe space and learn simple horsemanship handling and communication skills. In all our different ways of working this always includes building a relationship with one or more of the horses.

Our sessions usually include simple mindfulness and reflective exercises. This helps us become grounded before and during engaging with the horses, for example leading them, and connecting with them loose.

Then if you are participating in an equine assisted learning, counselling or coaching session, you will then engage in experiential and/or experimental activities, this could include working with metaphor in what is happening in the present moment - guided by the horses. This can help bring about awareness and insights that you can then take forward into your everyday lives. We are all unique and each of us may need to work on something different.

No previous experience with horses is necessary. Many of our participants have not even handled a horse before. Safety and sensitivity for both the horses and the humans is always paramount.

What Participants Say...
"The day working with Sue, William, Arthur and Harry was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. It took me deep into a spacious heart."

"I found the session profoundly moving. What you proposed opened a whole new world for me in terms of how we relate to animals. I loved it because it de-intellectualised relationships into real experience."

"The connection our daughter made with the horses has been amazing; I've watched her gradually come out of her shell and re-engage with herself and the world. At the end of one session my daughter said "I love it here Mum, I can just be and forget my worries."

"Thank you so much for a unique experience, and for a total break from stress, plus a few insights into how we allow modern life to herd us along when we shouldn't. No doubt I'll be back. Thoroughly recommended."

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Examples of our prices
One-to-one sessions for adults equine assisted learning, coaching, counselling or art of horse whispering £60 for 90 minutes.
One-to-one sessions for children, young people and young adults with disadvantages equine assisted learning, coaching, counselling or art of horse whispering £60 for 90 minutes. This is our break even price.

Bursaries and discounted prices
One day workshops for groups of 6-8 people - from £95 per person, per day.
Half day workshops for 2-4 people - from £75 per person.
Leadership, team building and business coaching sessions: please click here for further information

Our pricing policy
The prices above are our middle range prices, we don't make a profit but we do cover our cost. We also offer discounts and bursaries on these prices to disadvantaged children, young people and young adults who would not otherwise be able to afford to come. We fund this by charging higher range prices to our leadership and business coaching clients, and from donations and other funding. All profits then get reinvested into offering lower prices and bursaries.

For more information contact Sue Blagburn
Phone: 07831 865259
Awareness with Horses CIC
Registered Office: 2 Beacon Cottages, Buckland in the Moor, Ashburton, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ13 7HL

We are a not-for-profit social enterprise registered as a Community Interest Company.
Registered Company Number 10573482
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