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Awareness with Horses

How to book your session, course or workshop

For adult or young people groups or one-to-one sessions
Other than our Open Events all our sessions, programmes and workshops are personalised and bespoke...

To book please simply email us or phone us with information of your exact requirements and the dates, and times you would like to come. We will then get back to you with information, confirm dates and costs. Please also see the examples of prices below.

The information we will want to know from you is:    
• What type of session, course or workshop you would like to do    
• Is your enquiry for an child/young person, an adult or an organisation    
• Any special mental health or educational needs    
• Any medical conditions or allergies
All this information is kept confidential

We work weekends and weekdays, including offering evening sessions from May through to the end of September. We offer one-to-one sessions which last from one hour, one and a half hours or two hours and we can offer up to 4 day retreats and everything in between for groups and people coming on their own.

For group workshops you can arrange your own group of colleagues, associates or friends. This applies if you are an adult or a child.

Once we have agreed a date and time we will then send you a form to fill in and take a deposit

Simply contact us by email or telephone to tell us a little about what you would like to do and any questions you might have, and we will be in touch to arrange a date and a format that will suit your needs.

Examples of our prices
One-to-one sessions for adults equine assisted learning, coaching, counselling or art of horse whispering £60 for 90 minutes.
One-to-one sessions for children, young people and young adults with disadvantages equine assisted learning, coaching, counselling or art of horse whispering £60 for 90 minutes. This is our break even price

Bursaries and discounted prices
One day workshops for groups of 6-8 people - from £95 per person, per day.
Half day workshops for 2-4 people - from £75 per person.
Leadership, team building and business coaching sessions: please click here for further information
Our pricing policy
The prices above are our middle range prices, we don't make a profit but we do cover our cost. We also offer discounts and bursaries on these prices to disadvantaged children, young people and young adults who would not otherwise be able to afford to come. We fund this by charging higher range prices to our leadership and business coaching clients, and from donations and other funding. All profits then get reinvested into offering lower prices and bursaries.

Preparation Advice
Please click here for useful information before your visit.

For more information contact Sue Blagburn
Phone: 07831 865259

There are six different options we can offer you…
One-to-one equine assisted coaching and counselling sessions

One-to-one equine assisted counselling for adults

One-to-one and group sessions for disadvantaged young people and adults

One-to-one equine assisted coaching for adults

One-to-one or group equine assisted learning workshops for adults

One-to-one or group equine assisted experiential learning for adults

Leadership, Team Building and Business Coaching

One-to-one or group Co-creative Leadership for adults

Open Events

One-to-one or group Mindfulness & Presencing with Horses

Art of Horse Whispering

Therapeutic Horsemanship for young people

Please note sadly due to organisational changes and staff shortages we are not able to offer any young people sessions until spring 2024. We are truly very sorry that this has to happen. All our adult sessions will continue and are unaffected.
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