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One-to-one and group equine assisted learning and therapy sessions for young people and adults with disadvantages

Our mission: To provide equine assisted interventions that support disadvantaged people's mental health wellbeing, learning and growth through therapeutic and transformative opportunities with horses.

We can provide a safe, non-judgemental environment with horses, for children aged 9 years and upwards, young people and adults who are disadvantaged, vulnerable and excluded.

Our courses, programmes and one-to-one sessions are a therapeutic way of engaging people who are disadvantaged, vulnerable and excluded. The horses skills they learn are all skills which can transfer forward into participant everyday lives.

Hi level Outcomes include:
• Improved mental health and wellbeing
• Reduced social isolation
• Improved employability and educational attainment rates

People level outcomes include:
• Better engagement and motivation
• Reduced levels of stress and anxiety
• Better able to develop new skills
• Improved confidence and self esteem
• Better understanding of self and others
• Better able to express feelings and emotions
• Reduction in depression and negative thoughts
• Improved communication skills
• Better able to participate in group activities
• Become more physically active
• More likely to continue to engage in nature based activities

Awareness with Horses philosophy and way of working
Our programmes are always tailored to the learning and therapeutic needs of the individuals attending. During a programme, course or session participants are lead towards success and positive outcomes in the tasks they do with the horses, and through the honest non-judgmental feedback the horses give they gain skills and knowledge, and build calmness and confidence. This is particularly helpful for young people who find sitting down and talking about their challenges difficult. Horses are natural teachers of calmness and self awareness, and it has been scientifically proven that just being around horses and building a relationship with them can bring about calmness and feelings of wellbeing.

During a session participants become involved in various activities with the horses and the learning and therapeutic value is in the experience. The premise is that by being in a completely different environment and engaging with horses, participants find new pathways for learning and building relationship that may not always be possible in their everyday environment.

The horses give accurate feedback through their responses as the participants learn to engage and build a relationship with the horse. The horses feedback may also help the client become more conscious of behaviours they have, both those that are positive, and ones that are negative.

A growing desire to work with the horses can help with motivation and engagement.

Participants take what they have learned, for example how to build rapport, develop emotional intelligence and healthier coping strategies into their everyday lives.

Who can we work with and how to book...
We work privately and through referrals with young people who have special educational needs or other challenges. This includes working with young people diagnosed with high functioning ASD, ADHD, dyslexia, and other social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. Also young people who are not in education, employment, or training.

At the moment we are mostly working with young people who are struggling in main stream school, often those that fall between the gaps when it comes to getting the right help because they are high functioning.

Children and young people come to us privately though their parents and/ or carers. We can also work with charities and youth services.

We work mainly with young people and young adults aged between 9 years and 35 years, and can also offer one-to-one sessions in equine assisted counselling to young people aged 16 years and over. Click here for more details

How much does it cost?
Through donations and funding we are able to work with people who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford to come by offering 50% lower prices than our break-even prices. This means a number of young people and young adults with disadvantages can take advantage of reduced rates - otherwise they couldn't otherwise afford to come.

In addition parents and/ or carers, charities and youth services can sometimes afford to raise some or all of their own funding. We are always willing to support this by writing reports to help you get finance.

Our normal break even rates are:
One-to-one £60 for 90 minutes.
One day workshops for groups of 6-8 people - from £95 per person, per day.
Half day workshops for 2-4 people - from £75 per person.

Please note: Even with the above prices we are running at a loss and as a non-profit social enterprise we make up the difference from receiving funding, donations, and any profit we make on our business and adult sessions, courses and programmes. Because of this we can also offer bursaries to those young people who couldn't otherwise afford to come.

If you can't afford the prices above you may be able to get a bursary or alternative funding. Please do not hesitate in contacting us...

Our pricing policy
The prices above are our middle range prices, we don't make a profit but we do cover our cost. We also offer discounts and bursaries on these prices to people who are disadvantaged and who would not otherwise be able to afford to come. We fund this by charging higher range prices to our leadership and business coaching clients, and from donations and other funding. All profits then get reinvested into offering lower prices and bursaries.

For more information contact Sue Blagburn
Phone: 07831 865259
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One-to-one and group equine assisted learning and therapy sessions for people with disadvantages

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